Friday, October 25, 2013

Plugging away.

I forgot to post up here last week. I have been plugging away at the weight loss.

As I stated before, I am trying to retrain my body and eating habits. I first have to break 39 years of bad habits. The best way to do this is through consistency.  I do revert here and there, but mostly I am eating a LOT better than ever before. The hardest part for me is at night. I have a horrible habit, which I attribute to most of my weight gain over the last 15 years, of getting up at night and eating. Usually these sessions are uncontrollable and I eat the worst things in the cabinet. Pop Tarts and such.

This is a night to night battle for me.

The last two nights though I won!  Small steps.

I have not been to the gym much. I have had a lot going on at home and have not been sleeping well. I did have a training session last Saturday and have one tomorrow. SO I will be going to the gym tonight to at least try to prep for tomorrow.

The good news is that I am still losing. I weighed in today at 281.8 pounds.  That is 10 pounds less than when I started about five weeks ago.  About 2 pounds a week!  This makes me feel good. I am looking forward to seeing myself in the 270s, something that I have not seen in some time.

I don't really feel any lighter, but I am far from light.  Once into the 70s I will see some significant gain and then hopefully feel more energized to keep it going.  And if I maintain the slow even pace, I will keep it going and not the the dreaded plateau.



  1. Good job!

    I used to have a bad snack-food problem at my desk at work. I realized it wasn't so much that I wanted the junk food as it was that the junk food was fast and easy. I ended up finding the healthiest snacks I could that were still somewhat easy (a small granny smith apple or a Sunkist 60 calorie pack of prunes or maybe a Kashi bar) and making sure I had those in my drawer. That way when I had the urge, I wasn't noshing down on potato chips, a doughnut, or a roll of Sweet-Tarts. I also found it helped me a lot to make sure I drank water and kept drinking water during the day (or coffee or some other non-sweet, non-carb, non-carbonated thing like unsweet tea). This let me not feel a bit more full and made me less likely to get the urge. I don't know how much that will help with Midnight cravings though.

  2. Oh, it also helps if you can not have stuff in the house. That's not always possible if your spouse has some food, but you can ask her to hide her treat from you. If it's not around, you can't snack on it and it's always easier to exercise your WP once at the grocery store and not get something than to have to exercise it every time you open the cabinet because you are feeling munchy.

  3. I try to rid the house of the stuff but the wife and kid eat it. As for the midnight snacks, I think it is just as much psychological and emotional as it is physical. Something that should get better once I get a handle on my many sleep issues! One step at a time.