Friday, October 11, 2013

I will try to update this weekly on Fridays.

Reading some of the comments, I saw a little discussion about pitas and density and such. Here are what I eat. I was recommended Joseph's.

I will usually eat two fried eggs in the morning with one of these pita breads, and one of these tortillas for lunch in a turkey wrap. They are relatively lower in carbs than regular pitas, but they contain Flax, which is a good oil (fat). Plus, they taste good.  

These are for the most part all the carbs I eat. Except for my midnight binge snacks of course.  :)

For dinner I will eat a hefty protein, lots of veggies and if I am really craving, a slice of whole what bread. 

Portions?  We haven't gotten too picky about that yet.  For now I am more concerned with switching my eating habits as far as types of food and when I eat. Later I will worry about portions. However, I can say that if you are on a good plan, your body will start to control your portions for you. If you eat every three hours your body will start to only want healthy portions instead of only eating two meals a day for example, lunch and dinnner.  

If you eat a 7 o clock dinner, but skip breakfast and snacks and don't eat again until noon the next day, you have gone 17 hours without eating and your body is going into "fasting" mode. You are going to over eat at lunch, then feel a crash as your body stores all those calories rather than burning them.  Then 7 hours later you will do it again and repeat the cycle, always feeling stuffed or starving, and always feeling tired and lethargic. And always gaining, or at best never losing weight.

Frequent snacks and meals keeps your body constantly satisfied and your metabolism constantly working. Before long you will start to eat less at any one meal and you will avoid the over eating that happens when you only eat two meals a day.

So portions will begin to work themselves out. 

As for this week, I did alright. Last saturday my brother was in town and we were naughty, we ate a lot of pizza and junk food. Then on Tuesday night I went to my buddies place to celebrate the completion of his kickstarter, and I had 4 beers and too much pizza again. Aside from that though, I did fairly well.  My weight remained the same, but I'm ok with that. I have been going to the gym and strengthening my core by doing squats and aerobic stuff like stairs.  I hate that it is so expensive, but working with a trainer is a good investment. The guy is always there, and even when I don't have an appointment he comes and motivates me and gives suggestions.  

He gave me an aerobic routine where I was supposed to do 3 sets of stairs, 15 reps (up and down is one rep) in each set.  That was a little much, and I modified it down to just 3 sets of 5 reps. But I was proud of myself for just that.  The good thing about the trainer is that he is sparking things in me that have been missing for decades. I am a former athlete. I ran track at the college level and also played soccer. There was a time that I was pretty confident that I could blow the doors of just about any one I met in a 100 meter sprint.  The muscles might be pretty weak, but they remember!  I can literally feel myself getting stronger every day. My legs feel harder and it hurts less to stand up out of my chair, or squat down to pick something up. 

It is funny how self esteem plays a roll in this. I don't look any different, but I feel different, and that makes me happier and more motivated to keep it going. I actually found myself looking forward to going to the gym today after school. Almost craving it. That is good.

Also, I am thinking about opening this blog up to a few contributors. Want to join the journey and help inspire others?  Email me, jawaballs@hotmail and we can talk about it.  I can change the name to NERDS get skinny or something.  So I guess I am looking for 2 or 3 more guys to join the cause and blog about their efforts.  Interested? let me know.



  1. How many carb grams are there in one of those pitas and how much fiber? Thanks.

  2. Here is the breakdown:

    Calories 60Calories from Fat 20
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 2 G 3
    Saturated Fat 0 G
    Trans Fat 0 G
    Cholesterol 0 Mg 0
    Sodium 300 Mg 13
    Total Carbohydrate 8 G 3
    Dietary Fiber 4 G
    Sugars 0 G
    Protein 6 G

  3. That is a bit hard to read:

    Fat 2 g
    Sat Fat 0g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Sodium 300 MG
    Total Carb 8G
    Dietary Fiber 4G
    Sugars 0G
    Protein 6G

  4. Yeah, those things are pretty good. Half the carbs are from fiber. I wonder if they sell them around here.