Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Feb 23 Update

Interesting tree I pass along the way. We see the darndest things when we walk!

The view once I touch my stop sign and turn around!

My stop sign! This stop sign is 15 minutes away from the back door of my school. I walk there and back.

Ok folks, it has been a while since I posted, but I have not quit yet!  I am 9 days into my new and improved journey.  I got on the scale this morning, and am sitting at 288 pounds!  Not a bad start.  This week has been hard though. I am on vacation and it is surprisingly hard to eat right.  I am home, with all the naughty foods I should not be eating.  But honestly it is not the naughty food that I hear calling, it is ALL the food.  At work I have the ability to do portion control by only having the portions available to eat that I should be eating.  When I eat them, they are gone.  

But at home, I have access to every thing.  It is difficult to stop myself from eating that extra ounce of chicken out of habit.  

Any way, I'm feeling good and am motivated by seeing myself drop under 300 pounds for the first time in six months.  



  1. Good going dude, by walking alone I dropped 72 pounds last year. I am getting ramped up for round two starting in March. I still have 100 more pounds to shed. I am currently sitting at 300 and want to be at 200 although I'll be ok if I can just get it down to 220-210.

    I can share this with you from my journey, every 10 pounds shed makes you feel so much better, it is really odd how that works.

    I'll keep an eye on your posts and share how things are going with me as I get back into the swing of things!


  2. Jeeze man congrats! That is impressive. Please continue to share!

  3. Great job Bud! I've lost over 48 pounds since September of last year. The main thing that helped me drop the pounds was talking all soda out of my diet. 98% of my weekly fluid is water, and in the morning I make my own juice with a juicer I got for X-mass with fresh fruit and veggies.

    Well keep up the good work!

  4. Grats man, I'm glad to hear other inspiration. As for soda, I rarely drank non diet soda, and have already cut down my diet coke to almost none. I was drinking 2 bottles a day of that poison! Now I drink about 1 a week to help manage the caffiene withdrawels. :)