Friday, February 24, 2012

Quickie post

Eating healthy does not need to be boring!  This salad is made with baked chicken, romaine, feta cheese, black beans, tomatoes and Kens light balsamic vinigarette. It is delicious!


  1. I recomend you another salad: Lettuce, nuts, chedar cheese and balsamic vinagrette.

    Good luck with your weight loss jawa!!!

  2. Keep up the good work man! You seem to have the food aspect down; the really hard part is working in time for exercise (I have a 4 month old, so I'm right there with you on finding any extra time). I'm a week and half in on my own weight loss journey and just came across your weight loss blog (I'm a big fan of your 40k blog!). Just wanted to say good luck and thanks for sharing your progress! It's always helpful/inspiring to find other gamers out there working towards the same goal.

  3. Have you considered using a website like Fitocracy? I find that it can be very motivational, and appeals to the 'gamer' aspect that many of us enjoy...