Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ok, lets try this again!

It's been over a year since I started this blog. And a year since I posted... :(

I was motivated at the time, but things happen.  Now I want to try again.  First of all, I started a profile with the site SparkPeople.  It is free, and mostly is a tool for helping track weight loss, calorie intake and meal plans.  I suppose it is what you make of it!

Some of my goals:

I intend to blog about this journey three times a week.
I intend to walk 30 minutes a day.
I intend to shed 70 pounds.

Pretty lofty!

I do understand the principles behind weight loss. I understand nutrition, but I am addicted to sweets, and carbs and I drink too much!  I sometimes have this overwhelming compulsion to eat late at night. I'm sure a lot of you understand. Those are the battles I have to win if I want to be successful.  I can eat all the healthy dinners in the world, it won't matter if I scarf down a package of crackers or king size snickers after.

Any way, I will get some pictures uploaded once I have them.  I will try to get some gross fatty before pics to compare to the "after" pics I will hopefully have in 8 months.  My goal is to be at 220 by November.

Wish me luck!


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