Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just walked 30 minutes!

Ok so day one!  I just went out and walked 30 minutes. I walked 15 minutes in pretty much a straight line out into town, and turned around and came back.  On Tuesdays I am teaching night school at 5:30 and hang around in my classroom after school.  So it is a good time to get out and exercise a bit.  Now to look at the meal planner on Sparkpage and set up a diet plan!

Oh, and the BMI index is crap. This formula says I should weight 176 pounds. It is telling me I am 120 pounds over weight.  That is crap. I am definitely heavy, but that index does not take into consideration density and muscle mass.  Even when I was at my peak, I weighed 196 pounds and still had a belly.  At 220 I looked good. And since then I hit the gym pretty hard and packed on some muscle.  To try to imagine myself at 176 is a joke.

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