Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to plan ahead

A big problem I have had to losing weight is trying to do so without impacting my regular schedule.  Breakfast is a big part of that. I simply cannot get up earlier than normal. That means I have to scarf down something on the run.  I am trying to plan ahead though.  I like breakfast burritos. So I premeasured some Egg Substitute into a little container, and premeasured some cheese and prepped my pan the night before. So all I had to do was turn on the burner, throw the eggs in which take about a minute to cook, and nuke the tortilla with the cheese on it, then throw on the eggs and hot sauce.  That takes just a few minutes, then I can eat it as I go about my normal routine.  I need to work in a fruit as well.  Probably something I can eat as I drive to school in the morning.

As part of prep, I also portioned out some sandwich meat. I bought an 8oz package of turkey and one of ham, and split the contents in half, just eyeballing it.  Then put them into separate containers. I did this with cans of beans too. Now in the morning I was simply able to grab from the fridge the proper containers and be on my way.

Taking the time to do this at night is a hastle, but saves time in the morning when you are in a rush.



  1. Hey man,

    Just picked up painting 40k and have enjoyed your BA blog. Good for you for picking up the weight loss again.

    A tip that the fiance and I do (as we have busy weeks as well)is do a crap load of prep work over the weekend. You are right on about pre-portioning items so you can grab and go. Plan out your week, buy a crap load of tupperware and pack the fridge full.

    Also, unless you want to be on the Biggest Loser, pace yourself with your weight loss. If you cut out too much of what you enjoy too fast, you can fall into a binge or just quit.

    Compare losing weight like layering paint. Small, thin layers may not seem like much but in the long run it will be worth it.

    Love the content...more battle reports pls :)

  2. You are right on. I am only trying for 1.75 pounds a week now. In the past I have tried things like South Beach, and drop like 20 pounds in two weeks, but that is entirely unhealthy and your body needs carbs. The best part about this is that I am actually eating more than I was before, just smaller meals and more of them, and I am eating food I like!