Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15th. Journal Entry

So today I did another 30 minute walk. I walk out into town, pretty much up hill the whole way for 15 minutes, touch a stop sign, then come back.  It feels great to get the blood moving!

For Breakfast I had a 1/3 cup of South West Egg Beaters scrambled and eaten on a 6" whole wheat tortilla with 2 ounces of shredded moz/cheddar and a little bit of hot sauce.  I drank a cup of fat free milk.

For lunch I had a salad. Chicken breast which was baked, about a half a breast, 3/4 cup of White beans, some feta cheese, olive oil/vinegar dressing, slice of whole wheat bread and a pear!

At this point, I am full and only consumed about 910 calories.  My daily allotment is about 2400.

For dinner I plan on eating some steak and pork.  3oz of each, with mashed potatoes, green beans and 2oz of cheese, a bit of butter. Then I plan a snack of 4oz of turkey breast on a 6" whole wheat tortilla, with mayo and lettuce.  In total that will be about 1900 calories... doesn't seem like a lot for all that food!  I may also eat a bit of sausage.  I love my meat!  I really shouldnt though as it hurts the triglicerides and cholesterol.  Instead of the sausage, a more sensible plan would be to eat some fruit.  I need to work more of that in!


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